Monday, February 23, 2009

Harry Borgman, Artist, Young & Vital at 80!

To all my friends reading this blog, late Happy Valentine's Day! While I was able to write a new post on my other blog about chocolate, my energy faded too soon. Should have eaten more chocolate!

One of the best examples of "Romance after 50" is my own continuing love story with Harry Borgman, an artist, whom I met on the internet four years ago. The details of our meeting I've provided on an earlier post. This blog is about Harry and his prodigious talent. Although he is now 80, I am constantly amazed at the artwork that he is still producing. Like the energizer bunny, he just keeps going.

If you are at all discouraged because you feel that your age is a handicap, that your creative muse has fled, and that you are just too old to achieve anything anymore, than you need to read about Harry and see the striking variety of art that he has created just since I have known him. In a later post I will include other work which he painted, designed, and sculpted earlier. For a more complete array of examples, you should check out both of his blogs. Links to them are on the upper right hand corner of this page. Incidentally, all of his work can be purchased.


Obviously he likes to design both the
serious and the humorous.

He has dozens of different style posters. Another type that he designs is for his gallery near Sawyer, MI, when a new show is introduced.

Then there's the fun poster that he created to show the adventures that we've had in Mexico.

Or there's this one using a photo of me from a much earlier trip to Puerto Vallarta

Well, that's about all for today. In the next installment I'll include more of his work including some digital designs, his watercolors, and even some cartoons. Before I leave, one last photo of Harry's cat Tiff which says it all: