Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abstract Paintings and Adventure in Mexico

In this post I'll show you some of Harry's abstract paintings. Why am I doing this on my romance after 50 blog? Well, Harry will turn 81 this June. He is still painting and blogging and is constantly romancing me with delicious dinners. We go to our favorite restaurants and then we try some new ones. In Sawyer where he lives, there always seems to be a new eatery opening somewhere nearby.

I'm also the envy of some of my girlfriends and many sales women. Harry actually likes to go shopping with me and loves to buy me shoes, preferably sexy high heels which fortunately I can still wear. I'll have to take a photo of the latest ones: a pair of Nine West bright red shoes with three inch heels and another pair of hot pink three inch heels plus a matching purse. The only problem is that today we don't seem to dress up quite as much as we used to do. Almost everyone is casual wearing flat heeled shoes. When I drive I do wear flats but I am determined to wear a pair of my many heels even with my more casual dress when we go out.

Now, back to Harry. Here are two of his abstract paintings. Many of them are on display at the Port 412 in St. Joseph, MI. And WOW, do they make a difference in how the restaurant looks! There are also a some paintings at the Craig Smith Gallery in Harbert, Mi, near Sawyer. It is on the Red Arrow Highway in southwest Michigan.

His gallery in Mexico, The Loft, is interested in having some abstracts as well. When we were there recently we had lunch with John Strawn, the owner on the left with Harry on the right. Harry and I both became fond of having a mango daquiri with our lunch. Actually Harry preferred a margarita. If you want to slow down, try a vacation in Mexico. Those with A personalities have a difficult time adjusting and should never even consider staying there for any length of time.

Usually Harry and I try to go on the fabulous house tours sponsored by the International Friendship club with the proceeds going to help children with cleft palates. This time we both felt we were really burned out. We also discovered that we were really out of shape. Every time we'd think about going for a walk, we'd end up falling asleep! Almost a week passed by before we started walking on the beach or even downtown Puerto Vallarta. Fortunately or unfortunately our favorite shop, VIVA, no longer exists so our shopping was at a minimum. I did however find a couple of inexpensive dresses at the Fiesta Americana hotel where we usually stay. I had packed my summer clothes that I had worn last year without trying them on and found to my dismay, I had gained weight. These dresses were quite plain, lovely colors, and could be changed with jewelry. My daughter said the dress makes me look huge, but the gauze material was cool and flowed as I walked. I had brought a pair of turquoise heels with me which matched perfectly. The necklace and earrings I also purchased at the hotel boutique. They are made from bone and are much lighter than turquoise gemstone. I've received numerous compliments on the jewelry when I wear it here in Michigan. Harry is in the middle of the photo along with my longtime friend Pamela. We are at Trio, one of our favorite restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. It's become a tradition for the three of us to dine there on every trip.

That's it for now. For more chit chat about our trip to Mexico, check out my other blog, theromancegame.blogspot.com or simply click it on from the links on the right side. Thanks for stopping by and have a super day. I'll have more of adventures in the near future. Let me know what you would like to read about or how you like this blog by leaving a comment which you can click on at the bottom.