Thursday, October 28, 2010

MSG Can Destroy Romance

We seem to be destroying our lives and thus our chance at romance
by some of the things we eat. I knew that I was "sensitive" to MSG but like many I thought that it was primarily Chinese food that contained MSG. The first time I encountered it was several years ago. I had eaten at a Chinese restaurant and about 15 minutes later my whole body felt heavy and lethargic. Whoops. Gee. It must be MSG.

Then last year Harry and I decided on Chinese at a restaurant I had been told did not use MSG. Again, by the time we walked to the car I could hardly move. Wrong. They did add it to their food. We returned a few months later and I asked. They had practically no dishes without it.

Then a few weeks ago I bought a large jar of snacks consisting of pretzels, small crackers, and orange curls, to eat while I drove home, about 100 miles. The following morning and again in the afternoon I munched on a handful. This continued for several days. I felt steadily more heavy, both in body and mind. My legs ached so badly I could hardly sleep. Finally I checked the ingredients and found to my dismay that every piece of the munchies in the jar contained MSG.

I went on the internet and started researching, what for me, was almost a lethal additive. I found to my horror that while companies had to list MSG as an ingredient, there are many forms of it they do not. What do I EAT?

Well, it's a very complicated subject. And I can't help but wonder if this and other approved additives have been the source of my fatigue for most of my life. It also is a problem which is seldom talked about. I discovered that another of my friends found eating MSG in anything was like eating poison.

I suggest if you have these or a myriad of other symptoms including those like arthritis, insomnia, tightness of the chest, etc start thinking about the possibility you are sensitive to MSG. Some internet sites to peruse are Health, Battling the and

It now takes me double the time to shop and I am finding only a few things to eat. Of course fresh vegetables are good but watch the salad dressings.

I'll try to add other snippets of information as I continue blogging. That is when I am not searching the grocery shelves for MSG free foods or cooking my meals from scratch! In the meantime let me know your experiences. I am continuing to feel better as I detox my poor cells. And don't forget the huge amounts of sugar, sodium, and sulfites in food and drink (such as wines) which can also have bad effects. Or there are simple (relatively) food allergies. A friend was being treated for arthritis. It was suggested that she might be allergic to milk. Her brother, a doctor, laughed. She tried not eating any milk products for a couple weeks. Surprise! She didn't have arthritis.

As I said this is not a simple subject. There is a long list of alternative names and a long list of symptoms. I'll try to include a note or two on my experiences and how avoidance of the bad additives is changing my life and certainly making romance a whole lot more fun for both Harry and me!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Secret to Happiness in a Loving Relationship

What's the secret to happiness in marriage and/or in a long term commitment?

Whether you have been married for what literally may be for most of your life or if you have recently found a new life partner, everyone wants a happy relationship. Is it possible? Can even a long-term, tired marriage be revived? Yes and yes! First of all time is in your favor. People over 50 are generally happier than those under 50. Married people tend to be happier than those who are single. Through many, many interviews spanning 40 years with hundreds of couples, I have indeed found the secret for happiness in marriage and the steps to find and develop that happiness. It takes time and effort for both partners, but with a sense of humor and persistence, happiness can be yours and of course your partner's...... your other half, your soul mate...... your friend!

In the 1970s I began publishing a magazine which explored the changing relationships between men and women at the time women had begun to expand their lives outside the home and to emerge as a force in the working world. During this time, I and another writer Ruthe Miller began researching happiness in marriage with numerous personal interviews of couples plus over 400 people filled out an extensive scientifically designed questionnaire to find predictors of marital happiness. This was the beginning of my lifelong exploration of the changing relationships between men and women.

Desire for a successful, happy marriage changed as the last century progressed. In the 1980s women and men who had been widowed or divorced were most anxious to find another partner. By the 1990s, both started becoming more cautious and less driven in their search to become a couple. The view of 'old maids' changed and became obsolete. Single women were no longer considered losers. Still men tended to marry sooner after a death or divorce than women, sometimes with disastrous results.

Regardless, in the new 21st century both men and women continue their search for that perfect partner hoping that they could find happiness but not sure how to meet that new love. Ways in which they met and what drew them together prompted me to write my book: 50 Ways to Find Romance after 50, Love and Lust in Later Life.

Included in the book is more about the secret to happiness, how to flirt again, and financial considerations to be discussed.

There is no doubt that the most important factor in the secret of happiness in marriage is to find that special person who can become your best friend. Over and over, throughout the years, this was the most frequent reason given by couples for being happy with their partners.

Sounds simple but it's not. To begin with men and women think of friendship differently. Men seem to have buddies and rarely discuss their feelings. Women talk and frequently discuss almost everything. Following is a good example of how men and women differently interpret what their spouse is saying. If a woman complains of a problem to her husband, he feels honor bound to fix it. But that is rarely what a woman wants. "Once I convinced my husband that I just needed to vent and that I didn't need a solution as men think they must find and that their egos demand, our marriage became almost perfect," related one wise woman.

I've heard this same complaint from a hostess on TV, a well-known radio personality, and couples whom I've interviewed. Obviously, one of the most important aspects of being a friend is to listen to the other and to be aware of his or her wishes.

You need to take time to be friends. Develop trust and respect for each other. Perhaps you could designate a specific time to bring each other up to date. Some couples enjoy relaxing over cocktails. (Do not turn on TV!) Or have a date night and find comfortable surroundings in which to discuss new ideas and mutual goals. If you trade confidences, never betray those to any others. As a writer I have been told many secrets which I have kept secret. I have a reputation for trust and so all of those I interview talk freely to me.

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More on happiness in a romantic relationship in my next blog. If you have any questions, I'd very much like to hear from you.