Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Artists Are Romantic, too! Harry and Gloria in Puerto Vallarta.

After we turn 50, romance seems more elusive than ever. The question I was asked most often during the years I published "Choices, for the Rest of Your Life" was "How do I meet a new love?" I had been a widow for over 23 years at the time and was curious myself. I was reasonably prominent in my town but still the choice of men seemed limited. Thus, the reason I wrote my book 50 WAYS TO FIND ROMANCE AFTER 50. I decided to go to the horse's mouth, so to speak, and interviewed over 50 couples over 50 who had met and married or developed a committed relationship after they had turned 50. One of the ways a couple in my book met was on the internet. At the time that I started the book there were limited options of sites on which to meet. As I was giving many talks around the area after my book was published, I decided to see what was happening in the cyber world.

I was astonished to find that now there is a special site for almost everyone. If you like dogs, there's a site. Or cats. Or a special religion. Or your favorite hobby. Even one for your special chemistry. I met Harry, a recent widower, on one of the more traditional sites and liked that he was holding one of his cats in his photo. After many emails we established that we had similar likes and similar lifestyles. It wasn't long before we were on our way to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had had a client there for many years for whom I published a newsletter and he and his late wife had enjoyed vacationing there. We even were fond of the same hotel, the Fiesta Americana. One of his daughters' asked if he really wanted to go with a strange woman (me). My daughter told me to have fun. We went and have been vacationing there ever since. Harry has some of his paintings in a gallery there as well as friends from his ad agency days. I always look forward to visiting my friend Pamela who own Rancho el Charro (see links for her website). We always go horseback riding on one of her 32 horses at least once while Harry strolls around the small village where her ranch is located. We also look forward to sampling the many wonderful restaurants there. Harry also suggests good subjects for me to photograph and I have sold several from my series on "Portos of Mexico" at the Scarlet Macaw Gallery in Sawyer, MI. I'll include a couple of my photos in a future blog. Incidentally, all the books and artwork shown on these blogs are also available for purchase. Just leave a note in the comments area which you can access at the end of this post.

Here a fun photo and a couple of Harry's watercolors of Puerto Vallarta. In the next blog I'll share with you some of his abstract paintings and digital art. And his watercolors:

Harry Borgman, artist and lover continued

In the last blog I gave you a sampling of Harry's work. He is inspirational to many as his talents embrace a multitude of mediums, a plethora of subjects both traditional, comic and strange. Mad Magazine has bought his ideas; Sick Magazine has featured both his art and writings. His paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries in New York, Chicago, Detriot, and Harbor County as well as in Paris, France where he lived for several years. His graphic designs have been featured in magazines and television by advertising agencies around the world. He was art director on the Chevrolet account at the Campbell Ewald Agency. He eventually turned down offers to work in the lucrative field of art direction so that he could continue the hands on work of art design and fine art.

This prolific artist has extended his talents to writing numerous books about traditional, digital, and mixed media techniques. Early in his career he taught at the Center for Creative Studies in Detriot, Michigan and now occasionally teaches art seminars. As we saw in the previous blog, he also enjoys designing controversial posters with universal truths. I'm including some of his humorous work and a couple of his more recent books. In my next post I'll tell you a little about our romance as we visit Puerto Vallarta and include some of his wonderful watercolor paintings and fun photos. Have a super day!And of course he loves his cats. Here's one of a series of cartoons featuring Tiff, Jpeg, and Laura.
Harry has written several books, many of which have been used in art classes over the years. He often receives an email from an art student who used his books in school. His later books include digital work and humor about the art world.