Monday, July 18, 2011

Three Ways to Find Romance

It is commonly thought that women live longer than men. Probably true, but last night Harry and I went out to dinner with Marge and Jim and Phil and Suzy. As you know I met Harry on the internet after I wrote my book, 50 Ways to Find Romance after 50. I had been a widow for about 23 years.

Marge was widowed about 6 months and Jim was widowed about a year. They had first met in high school and met regularly with their spouses when they went to their high school reunion which happened yearly. When their spouses died, they started dating.

Phil lost Peg about one and a half years ago and Suzy's husband shortly after that. The four of them were friends and after the spouses were gone, Phil started dating Suzy.

Here you have 3 different ways to meet someone new....the internet, high school reunions, and friends.

There are 46 more ways to find romance in my book. Good Luck.

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